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Robin Hood Hills   Leave a comment

How dark were those woods?
How cold and uninviting?
How lonely they must have seemed
In twilight’s macabre lighting?

How cold was that river
As you lay naked
Hogtied inside it?
While your bodies ran dry of
Blood, I wonder if your killer

I was born with one of you,
The other two beside us.
We could not yet grow facial hair
When the demon crept inside us.

Were you their killer,
Father Damien,
The Boogeyman of Memphis?
Sometimes I’m not so convinced
When you proclaim your innocence.

-Joshua A. Woodard


Lady   2 comments


She can’t speak in words,
But I know what she wants.

The day has grown long.
Little feet yearn for rest.

But she can’t sleep yet.
She needs to find her friend.

“Daddy will help you,”
I say as I get up.

“She must be somewhere.
Let me see where she went.”

We look in her toys.
We look under the chair.

Finally I see her,
laying with the laundry,

A light brown stuffed dog,
Lady without the Tramp,

My daughter’s true love

Joshua A. Woodard